Locate and position cursor

Command :

POS/ {x|x:[Value] y|y:[Value]}

Visual overview :

Functionality :

This command allow to position manually console cursor or graphic mouse cursor (According executed mode)
Or getting actual X,Y position.

If you are in graphic mode, values will be based on "pixels"
If you are in console mode, valeurs will be based on characters (8x8)

Avaiable parameters :

  • Getting X position


  • Getting Y position


  • Getting X and Y position

    X Y

  • Position in X


  • Position in Y


  • Position in X and Y

    X:[Valeur] Y:[Valeur]

Examples :

Example 1

Position Y cursor

Pos/ Y:20

Example 2

Position X and Y

Pos/ X:10 Y:15

Example 3

Getting X value and display this

@#My_Value POS/ X
txt/ This is my X value : %My_Value%