List directory content

Command :

DIR/ {Directory/file path {Filters *|?}}

Visualoverview :

Functionality :

This command allow to list directory content with the possibility to use filters * ? .
NOTE : You can use / or \ on path access.

Avaiable parameters :

  • [Nom du dossier + filtres]
  • [Nom du fichier + filtres]

Examples :

Example 1

Display current directory content

Dir/ .
Dir/ ./

Example 2

Display other directory content

Dir/ OS/Media

Example 3

Display drive directory content

dir/ d:/

Example 4

Display files list on the current directory

Dir/ *.CPC
Dir/ /*.CPC

Example 5

Display .CPC files list which starts with "a" letter

Dir/ a*.CPC
Dir/ /a*.CPC

Example 6

Display files list which contains a "a" letter in extension

Dir/ *.*e*
Dir/ /*.*e*

Example 7

Display files list which contains a "a" letter in a directory on D:/ drive

Dir/ D:/dossier/*e*.*

Example 8

Display directory content from previous directory

DIR/ ../../dossier